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Pear Upgrade: Security Error Fix December 17, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in PHP.

This was an issue I had for just about a couple of days . I like the idea of doing tests on my old Windows XP box  . Setting up my development environment with different open source projects is my favorite game , I found myself installing and re-installing PEAR multiple times so that the settings would emulate different scenario’s . After a few re-installs of PEAR , I started getting the following error when I attempted to upgrade or install new PEAR-modules :

Even with   ” pear upgrade –force PEAR ” couldn’t bypass the error . Very simply put , the solution was to locate the pear cache on my Computer’s Temp- folder and delete all of it’s contents (Cache and Download folders)  . Once I did that , I was able to run pear upgrade and to install new PEAR-modules  without any issues . I hope this will help some others out there .

Update 12/09/2012 : Once again the Cache was responsible for PEAR’s denial to install some packages . While doing some test on my local WAMP development box , I had to un-install some PEAR-packages . When I attempted to re-install these packages   the following error-messages where displayed :

  • No releases available for package “pear.phing.info/phing” install failed
  • No releases available for package “pear.php.net/PHP_CodeSniffer” install failed

PEAR’s cache exists in “C:\Users\[ME]\AppData\Local\Temp\pear\cache“, in my default installation. I manually deleted all of the files in the cache.I retried the installations and they all worked, as expected.



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