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Improving Notepad++ By Installing Plugins December 2, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Uncategorized.

My previous article ( Improving Notepad++ By Custom Themes ) demonstrated how to customize the “feel and look” of this editor . Let’s go one step further , by installing some plugins we can improve our programming development experience a bit more . Of course IDE’s like Aptana , PDT , NetBeans are the prefered tools for building web- applications , though for small php projects Notepad++ is a valuable tool . I will explain briefly how to find and use Notepad ’s plugin manager before I point you in the direction of how to install extra plugins and expand the default functionality of this editor . You can start  Notepad ‘s plugin-manager in the following way. Start the text editor and then open Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager on the menu- bar.

This interface list all available plugins  with their name , category, version and stability status . A description is displayed below the table when you select one of the plugins in the list . Updating and listing all installed plugins is done by selecting the proper tab ( Updates , Installed ) . You install plugins by selecting them first (Available tab — place a check mark in their box) and then the Install button in the Plugin Manager interface . The plugin will be downloaded from the Internet and installed automatically. You will be prompted to restart the editor , which then , will configure itself with the new installed plugin and checks for any compatibility issue . Usually the process is simple , though in some rare cases , a message will display an error text  . If that plugin really deserves your time , visit it’s home page to find a possible solution . Otherwise , select another plugin with  similar functionality  and give it a try .

An alternative to the process described above is to download and install plugins manually.  The official Sourceforge page  has a list of available plugins for Notepad++ .  All you need to do is to download the plugin , unpack  and place the dlls into  Notepad ‘s plugin directory .  Sourceforge and other websites ,  lists additional plugins that are not available in the plugin manager . For example , NppSnippets  is a plugin that isn’t included in the list of Notepad’s plugin manager . NppSnippets adds the possibility to add code snippets to the current document by selecting it from a list , and even store your own custom snippets  into the list (this functionality is a “defacto” feature in all IDE’s )  . Other plugins that may interest you are :

The list could be endless ……  just visit SourseForge’s site or Gooooooogle .



1. Multiplication Chart - December 19, 2011

i like it

2. Marcellus Ivaska - December 30, 2011

Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Thank you for your provided information.

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