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Improving Notepad++ By Custom Themes November 13, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Uncategorized.

Whether you you’re a programmer or simply an enthusiast having a good Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is fundamental . A good IDE helps you achieve your web-developments quickly and painless . There are lots of alternatives when choosing an IDE , if you own a Mac there are some good options like Textmate or Coda for about 50€ . On Windows , NetBeans or Aptana is a good choice , but if you are not a big fan  of Java platform powered Software , a good lightweight solution could be Notepad++ .

The default appearance of Notepad++ (white background) make my eyes bleed , especially when spending  hours in front of the screen . So let’s make it more enjoyable and useful , that way our workflow will probably increase and if not our desktop will look prettier .

First configuration after  Notepad ++ installation is  to change it’s default theme ,  I prefer darker to light themes , as they are softer on the eyes .  The most recent versions of Notepad++ already brings some neat themes pre-installed , just select one with : Setting -> Style-Configurator -> Select-theme (drop down ) . You can also change the font setting but make sure on the Language you are on Global styles and on the Style you are on Global override . In order for your font to apply to your theme you need to click on the radio- buttons ” Enable global font option”  and  ” Enable global font size”  .  Actually each theme stores its settings in a separate xml file , the location of these configuration files is inside a folder “themes ” in Notepad’s installation directory ( C:\Program Files\Notepad++\themes ) .
Many themes are freely available on the Internet (in xml format )  ,  wich can be appended into Notepad’s theme directory . Textmate has a lot of nice themes that can be easily converted into Notepad’s format , don’t forget to restart Notepad after a new theme installation .

If you’re looking for a Free code-editor for building small-scale web applications , certainly Notepad++ is a good choice . The current style  of my notepad++ is like the screenshot below   (download the xml ) , I have installed monaco.ttf  fonts into my computer’s font folder (C:\WINDOWS\Fonts) :



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3. it - October 17, 2012

Thanks for finally writing about >Improving Notepad++ By Custom Themes � Tournas
Dimitrios <Liked it!

4. Freddy - September 7, 2013

It’s hard to find educated people about this subject, however,
you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

5. JoeJohnson - July 31, 2015

On http://ThemeBow.com there are many more themes for Notepad++

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