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Embedding External Websites into Moodle September 11, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Moodle.

Moodle allows entire websites to be shown within the course page (IFrames) without opening a new window . This will keep the Moodle navigation bar (also known as bread crumbs) visible on the page . This gives the impression of still being inside of a course site while actually on an external site . Follow these steps to embed a website into a Moodle course module .

  • Login to your Moodle-course with an instructor account .
  • Inside the course panel click the “Turn editing On” button .
  • Click on “Add a Resource” and select “Link to a file or website” from the dropdown menu .
  • Give the external site a Name .
  • Pastethe web site’s address (URL) into the Location box . If you do not already know the website-address , click on Search  , Google will load to help you search a new website . After locating the site of your interest , Copy and Paste the web site address (URL) into the Location box .
  • From the Window drop-down menu choose Same window , this will keep the content of the website you are interested into the same panel of Moodle . Also check off the Keep page navigation visible on the same page . Leave all other settings to their default.
  • Click on Save and Return to Course .
  • Now the link will appear on the module under the name you had assigned . Upon clicking the Website link , the  embedded website will appear on the same window with all navigation buttons visible .
    Embedding websites into moodle


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