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Assigning Moderation Roles to Registered Users in Moodle September 10, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Moodle.

Sometimes a teacher will want to over ride permissions for selected students . Typically they will assign a student a role locally . For example , assign a student as a editing-role on a forum . This does not create a new role , it modifies an existing specific role and affects  the permissions this user will have on the forum .However , administrators can override specific permission in a role .

The user that has been assigned  upgraded permission roles , can rename , split , edit or delete any thread on that specific forum . Although an moderated user can move  (split) a thread to another forum , moving back that specific thread need also moderation roles on the second forum . The process to assign moderation roles to an student is as follows :

  • Login as an administrator  .
  • Locate the forum or content you want to assign moderation roles
  • Let’s pretend we want to assign moderation roles on a forum . Click on the forum link , on the new window locate the ” Update this Forum” button (top right) .
  • Click on “Locally Assigned Roles” tab .
  • Click on “teacher” link and from the new window add a student to the list
  • Click on “Assign Roles in Activity module Mathematics Forum ” .
  • Log-out and do a test .

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