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Creating Assignments on Moodle September 9, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Moodle.

The Assignment Module allows instructors to create assignments and collect homework from students , grade their work , provide feedback and return the graded work to students . The work that students submit can be any type of digital file including word processing documents , PDF files, images , spreadsheets , video and audio clips , database files , Powerpoint presentations , etc.
There are 4 different types of assignments you can use in Moodle :

  • Advanced uploading of files : Students may upload multiple files , delete files mistakenly uploaded as their assignment submission and enter notes describing their submitted files . This type also allows instructors to send files back to students in response to their submissions .
  • Online Text : This assignment type asks users to type their response directly into Moodle . It can be thought of as an online essay response (instructors can configure the size of the response text , in k-Bytes ) . Teachers can then access users’ submissions and grade them .
  • Upload a single file : Students will be allowed to upload only a single file of any type .
  • Offline activity: This is an assignment that is completed outside of the Moodle environment . Teachers give the students instructions and a due date for an assignment outside of Moodle .  For example , an instructor might assign  students to visit a Gallery , attend a concert or recital , meet with a small group to discuss reading materials , etc.. Students will see a description of the assignment , but they canʼt upload any files or type in any information . Instructors will be able to enter a grade for the assignment and provide feedback for their students .

The Assignment Modules can be accessed through the Add an Activity drop down menu  ( be sure youʼve turned Editing on ! )

Creating an Assignment – Advanced Uploading of Files :

  • Log in to your course and click ” Turn editing on” .
  • From the drop-down “Activities” menu of your chosen topic , select “Advanced uploading of files”
  • Type in an “Assignment name”
  • Write a Description for the assignment . These are the questions and instructions for the students to follow .
  • Then define the Grade type and the Available and Due dates for submission .
  • Specify whether the students can delete a file before it is submitted for grading .
  • Designate the number of files each student can upload (1 to 20 files).
  • Click on  “Save and return to course”
    Once students have hit the “Submit ”  button they may no longer make changes to their submission . That includes uploading additional files or removing existing documents .

Creating an Assignment – Upload a Single File :

  • Log in to your course and click Turn editing on” .
  •  Select “Upload a Single File” from the “Add an activity”  menu
  • Type in an Assignment name
  • Write a Description for the assignment. These are the questions and instructions for the students to follow.
  • Then define the “Grade” type and the Available and Due dates for submission .
  • In order to allow students to resubmit an assignment, select “Yes” next to the “Allow resubmitting” option .
  • When you are finished, click on the Save and return to course button.

Creating an Assignment – Offline Activity :

  • Access the course you are teaching.
  • Click the “Turn editing on” button
  • Select Offline activity” from the Add an activitydrop-down menu .
  • Create an “Assignment name” , write a Description and define the Grade . The Available from and Due Date should be disabled .
  • At the bottom of the page, click on the “Save and return to course” button .
ScreenCast for  Advanced Uploading of Files :
ScreenCast for Online Text: 
ScreenCast for Offline Activity :


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