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Backing Up and Restoring Data of a Moodle Course September 7, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Moodle.

The backup feature in Moodle allows you a way to save your course or individual aspects of that course . Backups can be created as a means of safe keeping or to import certain resources or activities into another course .  The default installation of Moodle allows  owners of a course (teachers) to make backups  , if this feature is disabled , get in contact with your IT department . Follow these steps to backup /restore a Moodle course .

Backup a course :

  • Login to your Moodle administration panel and navigate to the course that belongs to you
  • On the left-side bar click the “backup” link in the Administration block
  • On the next page , Check the boxes of the elements you would like to backup . By default , all check boxes will be checked . When creating a backup to be imported to a new semester , make sure the “User Data “” check boxes are not checked .
  • At the bottom of the page Click the button “Continue”  .
  • The next page will display a summary of your backup . Click the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page
  • The next page will show the progress of your backup and display the elements that have been backed up successfully . Depending on the size of your course , the process may take several minutes . Once it has finished , click the “Continue” button .
  • Another page will display your backup as a ” .zip” file . You can download it by right-clicking the file name and clicking “Save Target As ” .

Restoring Data from a backup :
The “Restore” feature can be used to return your course page to a previously saved state . Restoring requires a “.zip” file from either a previous backup or the “backup-data” folder in your course’s fle directory .

  • First , open the “backup-data” folder by clicking the “Restore” link in the Administration block . If you are restoring from an uploaded backup .zip file , find the file in your course’s file directory .
  • Click the link “Restore” under the Action column to the right of the .zip file
  • On the next page , validate the file you are restoring and click the “Yes” button .
  • Validate the information on the next page and click the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page .
  • Next , use the “Restore to” drop-down menu to select the restore destination . Select “New-Course” if you are using the backup to create a new course , select “Existing Course , deleting it first” if you want to restore your course to a previous saved state , or select “Existing course ,adding data to it ” if you want to add backed up content without disturbing the current state of your course . Go through the remaining options and modify the desired ones .
  • Continue to the next page and click the “Restore this course now ” button .
  • A successful restoration will be denoted by a “Restore Complete Successfully ” message at the bottom of the next page . Click the “Continue” button and you will be redirected to your course page .

Importing Content To Another Course :

The import feature allows you to duplicate course material or data from an archived or active course and place it into a new course . To import  content from an archived course :

  • In the administration block , click the “Import” link .
  • On the next page you will select the course from which you would like to import content.
  • If searching for a Moodle course that has already been archived , fill in the search creteria in the “Search archived courses ” block . When the desired course appeawrs , click the “Import” link to the right of the course name .
  • If the desired course is active and has not yet been archived , it will appear in the “Currently active courses I have taught” block . Click on the desired ocurse in the drop-down menu , then click the “Use this course” button .
  • On the “IMport Course Data” page check the boxes next to the content you would like to mimport ( by default everything is checked ) . Once the appropriated materials are checked , click the “Continue” button
  • The next page will ask you to validate the import details . After reviewing , click the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page .
  • You should receive a message that says “Exported data from course successfully” at the bottom of the next page . This confirms the export of required material from the old course . Click the “Continue” button to start importing to your new course .
  • At the bottom of next page , you should receive a message that says “Import complete continue to your course” . Click the “Continue ” button once more to be redirected to your course ………..




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