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Serial Text animation with JQuery.SerialScroll plugin September 3, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in JQuery.

JQuery is an excellent framework , by installing extra libraries like JQuery UI or plugins we can extend even more it’s functionality . This article demonstrates a nice plugin that creates simple  text-animation effects . It won’t modify your html at all, won’t even touch a single style .
It gives you full control over the markup and the look , that’s your part of the job 🙂
You can control the animation from outside with the 3 exposed events (buttons) (prev-arrow , next-arrow , navigation-bar) .
Guess what ? If you configure to show the navigation-bar , users with no javascript can still navigate your content!

It can certainly be used for others purposes as well . Use “View source” to see the different calls and markup . All the settings are commented . See a live demo on this link,

The most effective way to familiarize with this JQuery-plugin is to explore the source code of a ready-made project  . Download this zip-file and explore it’s structure . With a few CSS ,  Js changes it can be adapted and embedded into any CMS framework (WordPress , Joomla , Drupal ) .

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