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Split a long post into multiple pages in WordPress August 27, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Wordpress - 3.

Our blog is our home, and our empire, and to some it’s even their baby . We also shouldn’t worry so much about how many words we have in each article, and focus our concern on the article itself – writing articles that are well written and that people/readers will find interesting or helpful . An obvious question may be : ” How many words should be used for per post.?” There is no minimum amount really, but a blog post requires something of value. If you write one line of text , how much value will that have to the person reading it ? If you keep carving out articles that add value , it doesn’t really matter how long they are . You will find someone who loves what you have to say, and loves the length of your content . However , very long aricles , add scrollbars on your browser and may hide content (advertisements in the sidebars) when the reader scrolls down the webpage . If you’re monetizing from your sidebar, it can damage your revenue if the content in a post expands further down the page than the sidebar ads . In some cases it can be very handy to split a very long post into a multi page post .

This simple trick splits a long post into a multi page post in WordPress . It may have better monetization posibilities but might irritate some users , can reduce SEO effect , by having less content on the page .

The  trick :

  • Click the “HTML” tab in the Edit post page in WordPress
  • Identify the place in the post where you want to insert a new page
  • Insert the following code “ <!–nextpage–>

And that’s it ..  At the position where you inserted the code , links to the next page in the post will now be visible .



1. kamaldiegrosse - December 30, 2011

nice inpo gan….

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