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Increase WordPress performance by using Google’s CDN Javascript Libraries July 31, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Wordpress - 3.

Almost all websites use Javascript libraries to create  dynamic and interactive functionality  . To name a few libraries : Dojo , JQuery , JQuery UI , MooTools , Prototype , swfObject . Each library provide unique features , so a website can use two or three of these libraries to achieve dynamic/interactive functionality . For example  swfObject is used for loading/embedding flash content while Jquery for creating fancy image lightbox effects . Javascript is a client-side scripting language , the scripts has to be downloaded on visitor’s browser ( if it’s not yet cached from a previous request ) , each time a web-page depends on a specific functionality  .

Downloading these Javascript files means extra requests to the server , thus extra server load cycles . If your hosting server delivers static content , it’s wrong . Instead, use the Google AJAX Libraries content delivery network to serve jQuery to your users directly from Google’s network of datacenters . Doing so has several advantages  over hosting  jQuery on your hosting server .

Popular web sites spending between 5% and 38% of the time downloading the HTML document. The other 62% to 95% of the time is spent making HTTP requests to fetch all the components in that HTML document (i.e. images, scripts, and stylesheets). The impact of having many components in the page is exacerbated by the fact that browsers download only two or four components in parallel per hostname, depending on the HTTP version of the response and the user’s browser. Our experience shows that reducing the number of HTTP requests has the biggest impact on reducing response time and is often the easiest performance improvement to make.
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No you don’t have to be an expert to implement Google’s CDN functionality on WordPress , just install / activate “Use Google Libraries ” . This plugin allows your WordPress site to use the content distribution network side of Google’s AJAX Library API, rather than serving these files from your WordPress install directly.



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