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FTP access your Server via WordPress site with eXtplorer July 28, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Wordpress - 3.

FTP is the acronym for  File Transfer Protocol , a protocol for transferring files . Your FTP software  (FTP-client ) connects to another computer connected to the Internet (FTP-server) using a  host-name , user name and password  to upload (or download) files and content . Many repositories or universities have publicly available Ftp servers where users can download files (usually open source applications ) . Web developers use FTP clients to manage their websites . There are dozen’s of FTP client available :

  • Command-line based : Open your DOS terminal and write ftp ftp.ntua.gr  and pass anonymous as your username and your email address for password to get access to the publicly available files
  • Browser based : Firefox has a nice add-on “FireFTP
  • Desktop based : Filezilla is probably the most used GUI desktop FTP-client
  • On-Line ftp clients : net2ftp – A web-based FTP client
  • eXplorer : It is a web-based File Manager. You can use it to create a FTP client into your WordPress installation , create users with different passwords and access levels (permissions) .
    The only thing you have to do , is upload the eXplorer folder into your WordPress tree and assign users / permissions rules . Users via their browser , can reach this FTP client (log-in) and access only folders they have permissions to .


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