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Embed a Basic Chat Room into WordPress July 16, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Wordpress - 3.

Nowadays , even small companies can have a chat room on their website . It’s just a matter of competition and not luxurity .  You , as the developer have to promote this functionality , based on one fact , almost every Internet user feels comfortable with this kind of communication . Embedding a chat room into WordPress is simple as installing a plugin and making just a few configurations . This article will present two practical examples , it’s up to you , to select that example that sweets your development strategies .

WordPress.com users are out of luck . They don’t have the freedom to install new plugins nether to embed IFrames  . Read this article from the official site .

First example : Installing  chat Lite , Just drop in this plugin, activate it and you can easily run as many live chats as you want , on any page or post on your WordPress website . You can even run a ‘bottom corner’ chat to talk to visitors to your site – great for sales , engaging new users or adding to the sense of community on your site . Visitors to your site just need to click on a small tab in the bottom right (that you can customize!) and they can chat away! Inserting a chat window into a page or post is simple too , there’s a straightforward button on the WYSIWYG editor . The final result is :

Second example : This example embeds an IFrame code into a WordPress page , visitor’s browser will run a Java applet during the chat session .  The free version of this plugin will add advertisement on your visitor’s browser . Just visit this page , configure your chat application ( dimensions) and copy the IFrame code to your WordPress page (editor in HTML mode ) . The final result is :

Third example : Use a Meebo on-line service .Just create an account and embed a JavaScript code in a page , post , side-bar or footer .




1. Chrine - July 19, 2011

Great stuff, thanks. Do you use any Magento plugins? Personally we used two that really helped to speed up page page download times. It took a lot to settle and function to our needs but now it’s untouchable. Saved loads on web costs by having it in a vps cloud. Thanks, Chrine.

tournasdimitrios1 - July 19, 2011

Recently a had a request from a customer to integrate Magento with WordPress . I found this plugin , it’s also available from wordpress.org .
Although I haven’t used it yet is seem to be promising .

2. Emmanuel - May 20, 2013

I am a newbie have installed quick chat on my WordPress website but i don’t know how to activate and start running it on my page.

tournasdimitrios1 - May 20, 2013

Whenever a plugin is installed on WordPress it must be enabled , this is done from the administrator panel . Which plugin have you installed , I’ll try to help you .

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