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How to Add the Official Twitter Follow Button to Your WordPress Site July 13, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Wordpress - 3.

Social networking is a ” must ” these days and WordPress posts / pages can implement a ” Twitter Follow Button ” to let visitors “Tweet ” content they like on your website . The Follow Button saves your users a few clicks . Ordinarily , you might add a link to your Twitter page , where a user would be directed away from your website and would then need to click follow once they get to Twitter . The new Follow Button lets them click “follow” directly on your website, thereby increasing your Twitter following by making it more convenient. The other benefit is that the user stays on your website, instead of disengaging from your content .

You can generate a Follow Button by visiting this site  . The process is simple , just fill-in your account name and copy/paste an HTML code snippet .
Twitter_button.on WordPress

The easiest way is to paste the code into a text widget so that it will appear in your footer or sidebar . Another way is to paste the code on top or bottom of each post /article . To bypass repetitive work , add it to one of your theme’s template files ( single.php ) . Add it before / after the loop so that it appears on each blog post .

An alternative solution is to install a plugin : Twitter Follow Button Widget  gives you the same options that you would have when creating the button on the official Twitter site. Simply input your Twitter info in the widget’s options and click save . You really shouldn’t require a plugin for this and avoid to overload your server with extra working cycles .



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