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WordPress v/s Joomla just an Opinion July 9, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Joomla-1.6, Wordpress - 3.

Each CMS Joomla and WordPress offers unique functionalities and capabilities. Both of them work well for managing a website where WordPress works best when it comes to small and medium business and Joomla is best for the websites which demands multiple user privileges or custom database work.

  • WordPress CMS is the easiest CMS today to be used available on internet. It can be used for blogging and also can be configured easily to work in many other ways. It is very easy to use and it is simple when you wish to add images, publish a page or any other new item .
  • WordPress.com provides free web-hosting , but with limited administration configurations  (you don’t have access to the core PHP files ) . To learn the Framework you need to install a local development environment or a deploy the Framework on a self-hosted server .
  • Joomla includes a complex multiple user privilege system with user registration and layered content privileges, while WordPress doesn’t have such privilege system. Also when we talk about multiple user groups, Joomla is the best  Solution Compared to WordPress  . Although my opinion , for this functionality Drupal is the master .
  • Joomla CMS is the most popular CMS amongst designers, developers and administrators because of its flexibility and power. It enables all users to create great looking websites which is also easy to use. Joomla also features numerous capabilities and a developed custom database work .
  • Both Framework has extensive templates , modules and plugins ( free and commercial )

Both the CMS are good in their own functionalities and requirements. So the choice of making a selection from these two totally depends on the requirements and purpose of the website to be designed. If you talk about the simplicity of the system than WordPress is much easier and simpler then Joomla .



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