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How To Change WordPress Default Username and Password July 9, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Wordpress - 3.
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During installation of your WordPress CMS you where asked to configure a username and password . It can happen , after the installation process , you may need to change these credentials  . Although  WordPress does not allow you to change ” username ” via it’s administration panel  , we can bypass these limitations . I’ll present four ways to change these credentials , it’s up to you to use the method that pleased your administration strategies .

  • Directly from the WordPress administration panel : As aforementioned this method does not allow you to change ” usernames” . Go to Dashboard -> Users tab -> All-Users -> Select-the-user-you-want-configure -> Change-Credentials -> Update-User
  • Using the wp-optimize plugin
  • Using the mysql command line :
    UPDATE 'wordpress'.'wp_users' SET 'user_pass' = MD5( 'andoniou123' ) WHERE 'wp_users'.'user_login' = 'andoniou' ;
  • Using graphical web-application ( phpMyadmin ) :
    • Login your phpMyadmin administration board and select the database where WordPress in installed .
    • Select ” wp_users” table
    • All users that are registered for your WordPress installation are listed . Select the user that it’s credentials need to be changed
    • Change credentials . Don’t forget to select ” MD5 ” for the “user_pass” field ( this will encrypt your password)
    • Save changes by clicking ” Go” .

WordPress.com bloggers don’t have the ” freedom ”  as  WordPress self-hosted bloggers . Read the official instructions



1. phil - September 7, 2011

I am able to change the username but not the password from your instructions.

tournasdimitrios1 - September 8, 2011

What method are you using to change the credentials ? ( terminal , phpMyadmin or WordPress admin panel ) .
Don’t forget that the password in the database is stored as MD5 hash algorithm .

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