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Optimize WordPress Database With Wp-Optimize WordPress Plugin July 8, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Wordpress - 3.

My previous article made a basic introduction of what an CMS Framework is all about . In simple words , it handles content . Actually the content  ( besides the control – logic PHP files / the media content and the template files )  are  stored in a database and everything is handled automatically behind the scenes without any administration interaction .   Over time some maintenance tasks has to be done so that the system continues to work smoothly . Let me mention some of these tasks :

  • WordPress post revision feature
  • Delete all Spam comments
  • Delete Unapproved Comments
  • Optimize Database Tables
  • Changing WordPress Default username

An experienced administrator could of course made maintenance task manually via an web-interface ( phpMyadmin )  .  The WordPress  community provide us a database cleanup and optimization tool  ,  wp-optimize . A good practice would be to install this plugin on your WordPress application and enable it only during the maintenance procedure ( lets say monthly )   . After installing / enabling it can be accessed through Dashboard -> WP-Optimization tab . Simply select the maintenance task from the list and press ” process ” . Don’t forget to disable the plugin after the process is finished . Simple as that …….




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