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How to Create Contact Forms in WordPress July 6, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Wordpress - 3.

Contact forms are a great way to allow visitors of your site get in contact  with you .No matter if your site is an e-commerce , technical support , a personal blog or whatever … A contact form will enable an interactive communication with your visitors . I highly discourage the use of the mailto link ( a link that launch  visitor’s mail-client  ) , besides the fact that it’s annoying , there are some security aspects :

  • Using plain text mailto links invites spamming ( E-mail address harvesting )
  • Some mail agents handle mailto ( HTML Tags ) links insecure and include any information after the BODY parameter inside the letter .The vulnerability allows an attacker to cause the victim to open a new email message and insert an attachment into it without the user knowing about it . Read more on wikipedia

There are some great online form providers such Wufoo and FormSpring , but you have to pay for these services .Fortunately the WordPress  Plugin repository provides a plethora solutions to build your contact form easily . This article will present different ways to implement a contact form on you WordPress site .

  • Built in Contact Form : For those Bloggers that use WordPress.com (myself included ) , are  lucky  and can use the build-in contact form module . Visit my ” Technical support ” page to see this form in action . The  contact form can be enabled / customized on any page or post through the WYSIWYG editor .
  • Contact Form 7 : No doubt , the king of all contact forms , with more than four million downloads . With this highly customizable form plugin , You can add fields and alter the look and feel of your contact form through CSS . The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.
  • Fast Secure Contact Form : A super customizable and easy to configure contact form that lets your visitors send you email ( over 1.5 million downloads ) . By default this plugin displays a credit link on your contact form , but it can be disabled through it’s configuration panel .
  • Visitor Contact Forms ( it’s free ) :  To use this Contact form , you need to register on this site     and provide some details ( on which email address the message will be sent )   .  After that , you get two code-scripts : A javascript and a IFrame – script .
    Copy / paste one of the  code snippets on each  page  that will contain a contact form  and you are done . The  javascript  code will create a tab on the border of your site when the page is displayed ,  and clicking on  the tab will  pop-up a contact form  . The Iframe code will just create a contact form on the page  . There are a lot of cool features, such as  Captcha Spam Protection, Contact Manager , auto-responder to the client , Google map and much more.
  • WP Contact Form : Simple Contact Form plugin for WordPress. You can use this plugin to add contact form for both a post or page.
  • SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF) : This WordPress plugin utilize both jQuery and its plugin SimpleModal for the modal dialog box. You can even insert the contact form to your template files. So, it is suitable for theme developer who want to include contact form in the template files.


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