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How to create a Search Module in Joomla June 24, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Joomla-1.6.

A search module will help your users to find things inside your Joomla Website . Although it is good to have a search module in your Website , in my personal opinion , only large Websites should have this functionality . Follow these simple steps :

  • Creating an module : From the admin panel select -> Extensions -> Module-Manager -> New (icon)
  • From the pop-up window select ” search ” ( now set all configuration properties)
  • Although many properties can be configured , only two of them are mandatory
    • Title : this is the name that is displayed in the module manager
    • Position : on what position will this search field displayed
      Modules must be placed in predefined module-positions .The template designer defines how many module-positions  and where these module-positions are “layed-out” on the template . To discover the module- positions and their names read this article .
  • Other important properties are :
    • Status : Default is ” published”
    • Module assignment : Default is ” All pages “
    • Search button : Default is ” No”
    • Box width

An example of the final result :



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