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Hiding PHP Errors in Joomla June 24, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Joomla-1.6.

Joomla! is writen with the PHP  programming language , and within PHP there is a thing called syntax that tells programmers how to write their code. If the syntax is not followed correctly, this might prevent PHP from running correctly. Sometimes things might go horribly wrong – in that case the PHP-application just doesn’t work. Other times everything still works fine, but the PHP-code is just not writen in a clean way . The PHP engine reports these errors by recording them on files ( log-files ) and by displaying messages on the screen . These PHP messages should help programmers to fix problems if they arise .But if you’re not a programmer, these messages are in most cases not that interesting  .

You can just configure Joomla! to not show these messages. This is highly recommended if your Joomla! site is live on the Internet, because PHP-messages might also give valuable information to hackers.

To disable the messages in Joomla!, browse to the Global Configuration and the tab Server. Set the option Error Reporting to something like Simple or None.



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