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How to embed a YouTube video into an article in Joomla! June 21, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Joomla-1.6.

There are actually several ways to go about embedding a YouTube video into an article in Joomla! . Thanks to the Joomla community a plethora of plugins are available ( 150 ) . An easy to use YouTube plugin is ” YouTube Player for Articles ” , it allows for videos to easily be embedded into article pages anywhere in the content. It will take the first video in the string and put it as the main video. It will then take everyother video listed and thumbnail them down below. Clicking on a thumbnail will change out the main video . Follow these steps :

  • Download , install and enable the plugin
  • In the article that the video must be embedded paste the following code
    The videos are separated by commas and there should be absolutely NO SPACES in any of it . Example link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFgBwT0mo_s  All you need for the id is the characters after v=  ( fFgBwT0mo_s) . The code is {youtube}fFgBwT0mo_s{/youtube}

Alternatively embed Youtube with IFrame ( no plugin) :

Some developers don’t like to install plugins , so there is an alternative solution .

  • Copy the IFrame code for the video that needs to be embedded in your article from Youtube.com
  • Joomla is very concerned about security and is very restrictive what code can be embedded in the WYSIWYG editor . The IFrame code from previous step is evaluated as ” malicious ” in Joomla , so we have to take an extra step to allow this code to be embedded in the WYSIWYG editor .
    • Disable the WYSIWYG editor >>>>>>
    • OR disable restrictions for the Super-User .
      Admin-Panel->Content->Article-Manager->Options-icon (at the upper right corner ) -> Text-Filter Tab
      Locate the supper-user section in the pop-up window and from the drop-down menu select ” No Filtering” . And finally save your changes .
  • Paste the IFrame code in the article


1. Robert - January 27, 2014

Now I know for How to embed a YouTube video into an article in Joomla informations..I like all points..
These info mainly used for in my website…Thanks!

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