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Change Background Color In Thesis Theme June 9, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Wordpress - 3.

Configuring the color-schema of  WordPress Thesis Theme isn’t difficult . Just be careful what color pallet ( combination of colors ) is applied , an good on line resource to help you out selecting color -combinations is Adobe’s Kuler .  Three HTML elements are involved in manipulating the background :

<body class="custom" >
<div id="container">
<div id="page"></div>

Add the following codes to your custom.css file and save it.

body.custom {
    background: #44443f;

.custom #container {
    margin-top: 2em;
    margin-bottom: 2em;
    padding: 0.3em;
    background: #33332f;
    border: 0.4em solid #3e3e3a;

.custom #page {
    background: #fff;

From the picture below , you can clearly see the meaning of each CSS attribute .

There are 4 colors you can change. The color is in hexadecimal format with a leading #.
#fff> or #ffffff is white color and #000000 is black color. You can use an Firefox plugin ( ColorZilla ) color picker to help you convert color into hexadecimal format .



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