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Promotion Slider on a WordPress Blog June 5, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Wordpress - 3.

Promotion Slider is an WordPress plugin for creating slides in an animated fashion . Once the plugin is installed on your self-hosted WordPress Blog , the process of configuring and enabling is straight forward  . This article presumes that you already know how to install plugins on a WordPress Blog , so I ‘ll go directly to an practical example . Our visitors will see an Promotion Slider on our front page ( HOME )  , as our picture demonstrates .

The steps to follow are :

  • Install and activate the Promotion Slider plugin . This will add the following Menu on the administration side-bar .
  • The slider content has to be organized in ” Categories ” . In case you want to implement different Promotion slides across your Blog-pages , you have to create different category names  . Let’s create a category with the name of “Test-slider”  : Promotions -> Category
  • Now add content to the Promotion Category : Promotions -> Add new promotion
  • Here is the most critical part of the article . The interface is similar as when we create a new post , assign a name to the content .   The content will not be added to the editor , but to the “Feature Image ” box .
  • Navigate to the image and click on ” use as featured image ”
  • Close the picture navigation window ( clicking on X ) and assign the featured image to an category ( we had created one on step 1 )
  • Of course sliding can’t be done with only one picture so we have to repeat the process . Be careful to assign the “featured image ” to the same promotion category .
  • This step is optional , but probably , we want each image to link to an specific page ( internal or on the Internet ) . Goto : Promotions -> the interface will show all ” promotional featured images  ” . Click on edit for the picture that we want to add an link to . Locate the “Change Linking Behavior”  Box .  Define if the Link will open in a new Browser window and configure the URL that this picture will link to . Finally click on update .
  • Now configure the slider options (Slider time delay , default image size , pause on mouse over ….. )
    These settings can be accessed through : Promotions -> Slider options  and ” Save Changes “
  •  Let’s now define a static page for Home page  : Admin panel -> Settings -> Reading
  • As you see , we have defined the ” test-slider ” page as the front page .
    Open the page and paste in HTML editor mode the following code
    [promoslider category=”SlideHome” width=”680px” height=”400px”]
  • That’s it , browse to your Home page and enjoy the rotated slide images .

The code for placing sliders into your pages can be found here . The same link can be accessed through the admin panel : Promotions -> Slider Options -> locate a text – link “read our documentation. “



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