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Where to find magento extensions March 20, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Magento.

Additional functionality is added to Magento via separate modules called extensions. Hundreds of sites are providing extensions for  magento developers , there are so many that I feel lost . This is my favorite list .

Of course we’ll start with the Magento Connect as it offers the largest selection of Magento Extentions. However, it’s not really easy to find the extension you need even if it’s listed there. If you need more Magento Extentions you should search the sites listed below.

  • AheadWorks.com provides a hure range of Magento extentions and Magento add-ons including Advanced Reports, Help Desk Ultimate, AJAX Cart Pro,  Follow Up email, etc
  • WebShopExtensions.com Magento – SugarCRM Extension, Magento Extension – Ajax Add to Cart, Magento Extension – Shop Access Lock
  • Velite.de Magento Superstage, Magento Productslider, Magento Teaserbox.
  • Luxe-Soft.com a huge collection of Magento extensions
  • Activecodeline.com Magento Bestseller module
  • Technology.pillwax.com DownloadPlus for Magento, EmailNotify for Magento, EuVat for Magento.
  • Temgra.com Color Custom Options, Color Thumbnails, Slider, Carousel, Color Attributes, Color Views Plus, Color Swatches Plus, Product Image Zoom, etc.
  • Collinssolutions.com Magento eBay Checkout, Magento Make An Offer
  • IcebergCommerce.com Optimal Payments Firepay Magento Payment Gateway Extension, Magento Auto Add to Cart Extension – Easy Bundles
    Pa-scripts.com Magento ClickBank Gateway, Magento Simple Checkout, Magento Live Cash Back Integration, Magento Order Summary, Magento Digital Checkout
  • Shop.Deeson.co.uk PayPoint.net Magento payment modules
  • MagentoModules.paytype.com Slider/Carousel showing New Products, Live Search for Magento (autocompletion), Sale&New Stickers for product images, Bestselling/Mostviewed Products Block, Countdown for products on sale
  • MageStore.com Advanced zoom images, Custom Invoice Number, Custom Invoice Number, Shop by Manufacturer
  • WebShop-Conversion.com Magento Weather Extension
  • Store.FooMan.co.nz Magento Extension Order Manager, Magento Extension PDF Customiser, Magento Extension Speedster, Magento Extension Surcharge, Magento Extension GoogleAnalyticsPlus, Magento Extension Invoice=Order Number

Hopefully you’ll find this list useful. Feel free to post your own list , what are the Magento Extensions that you can’t do without?


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