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How to change the “admin” password on Magento March 13, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Magento.

For changing the administrator password on Magento e-commerce framework you should:

1. Log in to your Magento admin panel
2. Select the “System” tab
3. click the “My Account” menu item
4. Here you can see the fields where you can enter your admin password

In case you are not able to log in to your Magento admin panel at all, the admin password can be changed in the database directly.

1. Open your database with the “phpMyAdmin” tool or any other database management tool. And open the “admin_user” table
2. Click the edit icon
3. With that done, type your new password in the value field
4. Note that in the function drop-down menu you should select “MD5”
5. Save the changes 

========  OR ===========

  1. First, open up phpMyAdmin.
  2. Click on your database name for Magento from the sidebar on the left.
  3. Click on the SQL tab and type the following in to the text box:

UPDATE `admin_user` SET `password` = MD5(‘PASSWORD’) WHERE `username` = ‘USERNAME’;
You’ll want to replace the capitalized values with the correct information:

  • USERNAME – The user whose password you’ll be udpating
  • PASSWORD – The new password you want to use

For example, if my username was admin and I wanted to reset the password to 123456, I would do this:
UPDATE `admin_user` SET `password` = MD5(‘123456’) WHERE `username` = ‘admin’;
If you don’t know the name of the user you want to update, you can see all the users by clicking on the admin_user link from the sidebar, and then select the Browse tab. The username column has the list of available users.



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