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Falcon a Flash to Server Data Class March 3, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Uncategorized.

Falcon is a Flash ActionScript class that lets you easily send data to and from a server script – such as PHP. You make a new Falcon object and pass it the URL to your script and an object that holds variables to send. You set a COMPLETE event and get incoming variables through the Falcon data property! With just a couple lines of code this class can read plain text or xml files and with a couple more lines it can (through a webapplication like PHP ) bidirectional comunicate with a database like Mysql .

Falcon is created from Dan Zan and is part of the Flash Feather series .This  is a series of Flash Classes that provide advanced interactivity such as multiuser, multitouch, tilt, parallax, sound analysis, motion cursor, blob detection and Flash to server data transfer. Each has a different bird name that represents the essence of the code.

The official website is at http://falconflash.wordpress.com/ , it  provides a zip file with the source code and examples .

Dan Zan created the following two video’s to demonstrate the functionality of the Falcon class . Thank you Zan for this excellent class .

Part 1: Introduction and code

Part 2: Send Data Between Flash and Server Script Like PHP




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