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Break you Linux box and test your skills with Trouble-Maker February 17, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Linux.

Trouble-Maker is an awesome tool that simply breaks your Linux server and puts you in a box to go ahead and figure out what went wrong.  This is a great method to even use on interviews or simply test your own ability of recovering a Linux operating system when it’s bad.  Perhaps you’re studying for a certification, test your ability by running these tools, not knowing how it’ll break your system but you’re job will be to fix it back to normal.

Trouble-Maker’s website :

There are a lot of tools out there to make the system administrator’s life easier. However, no tool is a replacement for properly understanding the system and experience in troubleshooting unknown situations. This is where Trouble-Maker comes in. Unlike other projects, we do not attempt to solve problems — we cause them.
When installed and run, this project will randomly select a problem from its set of issues and make it happen on your system. This can give you experience dealing with:

  • Dealing with partially accurate user reporting of problems
  • Troubleshooting boot problems
  • Troubleshooting service configuration problems
  • Troubleshooting (simulated) hardware problems

Do you think you are prepared for a Linux administration job ?. Prove it 🙂



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