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Google Query Operators for Power Users February 14, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Uncategorized.

Probably the keyword  “Google” is the most used internet term , on a daily basis ,  all over the world . Entering a key-phrase on this engine will return hundred of thousands results , for example just the phrase “Linux” returned 500 million links and the phrase “Adobe Flex” returned 300 million links . Although a more targeted term like “Linux for newbies ” reduced the returned results ( 2 million) it’s still a very generic approach to our needs   .

Advanced users are very comfortable with the Google operators concept , and there are lot of these operators . This article will present 20 of these operators that can make your Google searching more efficient , Ah … , your boss will be impressed with  your knowledge  🙂

Google operators are case-sensitive, so be sure to use all lowercase letters (the iPhone’s Web browser will try to capitalize the first letter of every sentence, so make sure you go back and correct it before executing your query.

Operator Description Format Example Description
filetype: search marketing filetype:doc Restrict search results by file type extension
site: google site:sec.gov Search within a site or domain
inurl: inurl:marketing Search for a word or phrase within the URL
allinurl: allinurl: search marketing Search for multiple words within the URL
intext: intext:marketing Search for a word in the main body text
allintext: allintext: search marketing Search for multiple words within the body text of indexed pages
intitle: intitle:“search marketing” Search for a word or phrase within the page title
allintitle: allintitle: search marketing Search for multiple words within the page title
inanchor: inanchor:“search marketing” Search for a word or phrase within anchor text
allinanchor: allinanchor: search marketing Search for multiple words within anchor text
daterange: search marketing daterange:2454833-2454863 Restrict search results to pages indexed during the specified range (requires Julian dates)
related: related:www.abc.com/abc.html Display pages of similar content
info: info:www.abc.com/abc.html Display info about a page
link: link:www.abc.com/abc.html Display pages that link to the specified page
cache: cache:www.abc.com/abc.html Display Google’s cached version of a page
define: define:search marketing Define a word or phrase
stocks: stocks:goog Display stock quote and financial info for a specified ticker symbol
phonebook: phonebook: john smith, madison, 21078563-345 Display a residential phone directory listing
{area code} 212 Display location and map of an area code
{street address} Acropolis avenue 123 , Athens Display a street map for a specified location
{mathematical expression} 35 * 40 * 52 520 miles in kilometers Do a calculation or measurement conversion


1. coreybritt - March 28, 2013

Google is my king because it assisted me find this wonderful website!

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