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ARPing – Ping using Address Resolution Protocol(ARP) February 9, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Linux admin tools.

ARPing is an utility that can be used to ping using ARP requests instead of using ICMP as used in standard Ping utility.Because it involves ARP, arping is limited to the local network to which the server or the interface (if more than one interface) is connected to. ARPing can be quite useful to

  • Check if an IP Address is already in use before assigning to another device
  • Duplicate address detection
  • Update neighbors ARP cache

There are two arping versions ,

  1. arping as a part of iputils in Linux
  2. arping2 from Thomas Habets using libcap and libnet

arping2 is considered a better version than the iputils version. arping in iputils cannot send a “Who has what MAC Address” packet and works only in Linux, most of UNIX versions while arping2 can work on of the Linux, UNIX operating systems and can work on Windows .

Example: using ARPing (iputils)

ARPING from eth0
Unicast reply from [00:01:80:38:F7:4C]  0.510ms
Unicast reply from [00:01:80:38:F7:4C]  0.601ms
Unicast reply from [00:01:80:38:F7:4C]  0.610ms
Unicast reply from [00:01:80:38:F7:4C]  0.605ms
Sent 4 probes (1 broadcast(s))
Received 4 response(s)

arping is a member of the iptutils package which is installed by default on all Linux boxes .
Just run the following command  to verify that the package was installed during the installation of your operating system :
less   /root/install.log | grep iputils .



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