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Analyse your network with a graphical tool on Linux — ” gnome-nettool “ January 17, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Linux admin tools.

The gnome-nettool package is a network information tool which provides user interfaces for some of the most common command line network tools.  Altrough it has not the flexibility compared with their counterpart command line utilities it can be a good starting point for newcomers to the Linux / networking field . This graphical utility is not installed by default on any Linux distribution , so it must be installed with the appropriate package manager . On  CentOs /Fedora , the installation will be made with yum package manager :
yum  install  gnome-nettool.i386.rpm

To open the Network Tools window, select Applications >> System Tools >> Network Tools or from the terminal call ” gnome-nettool ” .  Eight tabs on that window let you perform different operation on your network.

The Device tab displays information about each of your network interfaces. It makes it easy to find the names and addresses associated with each of your network interfaces (IP addresses, broadcast, netmask) as well as information on data transmission and collisions.

On other tabs, you can run graphical version of: the ping command (to see if another computer can be reached on your network), netstat command (to see information about routes and network services), and traceroute command (to watch the network hops from your site to a remote host).

You can do a portscan with nmap (to check for open ports on a network interface), DNS lookup (to get information about a domain name system server), finger (to see who is logged into a local machine or remote host computer), and whois (to get information about domain name registration).

If you are using Ubuntu type: sudo apt-get install gnome-nettool

The procedure may be different, if you are using some other Linux distro.



1. Nilo Cesar - February 12, 2011

Nice tool, thanks for the information.

Do you know any good network discovery tools that map a network’s topology graphically ?

Thank you.

tournasdimitrios1 - February 12, 2011

Hi Nilo ,
I must admit , I’m not a network expert . Nmapfe and cheops are the first utilities that comes to my mind . See also my “Linux admin tools ” section , it will be updated soon with more terminal based utilities .

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