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Installing Adobe Air and some AIR applications on CentOs 5.x January 5, 2011

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Linux.

The Adobe AIR engine is probably one of  the hottest new technology around , it allows one to easily create cross-platform Internet rich applications combining the strength of Adobe Flex , Adobe Flash , Ajax and HTML to create applications and widget that are Internet ready . Adobe Air allows one to deploy browser less rich Internet applications on desktop that are not bounded by local storage limitations or limited file system access as happens with Ajax / Flash applications running inside a browser .

In this article , I describe how you can easily install (from the terminal )Adobe AIR environment on your CentOs 5.x desktop and some interesting applications that you can run atop Adobe AIR .

Installing Adobe AIR :

  1. wget http://airdownload.adobe.com/air/lin/download/1.5/AdobeAIRInstaller.bin
  2. chmod +x AdobeAIRInstaller.bin
  3. ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin

After issuing the above command you will get an installation dialog box like the following thumbnail , follow the instructions to install Adobe Air .

After the installation proccess is completed , you will find a menu item (Applications -> Other -> Adobe Air Application Installer ) which allows one aesily install Adobe Air applications .

Installing interesting Adobe AIR applications :

  • UVLayer

If you have watched the movie ‘Minority Report’, then you will find the interface of UVLayer very similar to that in the movie. When you search for a video via the search bar, UVLayer will instantly fetch a list of videos from YouTube and Truveo and display them in a big window. You can then drag the video onto anywhere in the canvas. It is also integrated with Google Talk, Facebook and AIM so that you can share the videos with your friends easily.

  • AirTube Video Downloader

Using the AirTube Video downloader, you can easily download YouTube videos to your desktop simply by dragging or pasting the video’s URL. After the downloading is completed, the application will playback the video in its viewer. A useful tool for someone who downloads videos very often.

  • WebKut

WebKut allows you to take a screenshot of any Web page easily. It loads the page in its own viewer and you can screen-capture the page the way you like it. This is so far the easiest and simplest screen capture tool that I have come across.

  • Xdrive Desktop Lite

Xdrive is an online storage service provided by AOL. It’s free and you get a whopping 5GB of online storage space to backup all your data, video and music. The AIR application Xdrive Desktop Lite is to allow its users to easily transfer and backup their local files to Xdrive online storage.

  • Rich FLV

RichFLV is a cute little video editor for flv files , some of the features FichFLV supports are :

  1. Read flv Metadata
  2. cut flvs
  3. convert the sound of the flv to mp3
  4. convert flv to swf
  5. read/edit/modify /delete cuepoints

You can find more info about RichFLV here :  http://www.richapps.de/?p=48 . Download and install RichFLV from here : http://www.richapps.de/files/richflv/RichFLV.air

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