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Send super large files directly to another computer over the internet for free? December 19, 2010

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Uncategorized.

If  you need to transfer regular very large files (30GB) to a friend like financial stats or an iso image of your dvd . Use one the following web-applications .

You’re sending it over the internet, it’s not completely secure. If it’s at all confindential, then for the love of god encrypt it with strong encryption and stop worrying about your transfer methods .

So, here is the list of the possible web-applications (browser to browser ) :

  1. http://click2copy.com
  2. http://pipebytes.com
  3. http://filesovermiles.com
  4. http://isendr.com
  5. http://jetbytes.com

Hard to say how they work, most of them use the third-party server to relay the files. So, they just open the http session and send the file over the remote server. click2copy claims that they do exactly that what you are asking for. I think it is possible as click2copy is a java-based and they had developed their own file-transfer protocol.

Alternative solutions:

  • One option is Amazon S3. While not free, a 30GB upload/download will cost you less than $.20 per GB, or $6 total.
  • FTP is the way to move files. that  is what the spec was built to do and that is the best tool for doing  so. trying to move files browser-to-browser is inefficient, likely to  fail on files that large, and would STILL need a server in between them.  any other protocol you might try to use, such as DCC, mIRC or others  would not only have as many, but likely more problems that simply  setting up NAT traversal rules for FTP server/client .FTP is an absolute must for any transfers. You may as well use an FTP server, such as the fantastic, portable Filezilla. You download, install and start the server on the target machine. Set up port forwarding for ports 20 and 21. Open up the Filezilla client on the machine you want to send from. Upload the file.
  • Have a look at DeltaCopy – not least because it is based on the Rsync utility from *nix and so only copies the parts of files that have changed; this means that if you are sending regular updates to existing files you may find that the transfers are very quick. The program is Open Source (Free) and can be setup to use SSH as a tunnel so that the transfer path is encrypted.
  • If you are a novice or intermediate Windows user you can use CCFile Share. Website Link

The software sets up a simple webserver on your machine. Once installed you have to right click on the file you want to share and add it to the share list. You will have to send your friend a url to this download. CCFile will tell you what the URL is, but in essense it will be of the format http://%5Byour_ip%5D/%5Bfilename%5D.

You can password protect the downloads as well , you will have to monkey around with your NAT.

  • Download the Woof Python script and save it someplace where it’s easily accessible, such as /usr/local/bin/woof (make sure you have Python installed)
    Make the file executable with chmod +x woof. Don’t forget to note down your IP address as printed by ifconfig. For the article I’ll use as the default IP address.Woof needs your IP address and a free port on your computer through which its temporary Web server can serve the file. Once it’s up and running, Woof will spit out a URL that the recipient can use. For instance:
    $ woof -i -p 8888 somefile.txt


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