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Linutop a small PC with Linux December 1, 2010

Posted by Tournas Dimitrios in Linux.

This is not intended to make publicity to this company, but I really like it when I saw, any way I may think its price could be a little bit cheaper, as 260 Euros I think could be a little bit expensive, considering this PC has no disk, no monitor, no keyboard, etc.
Any way I think it is a good option for internet cafes, or schools maybe.
As it has four usb ports, you can use external disk for saving your documents.
It comes with xubuntu, in a 1 GByte usb key
Nice 🙂
Check it’s site: http://www.linutop.com and see this small screen- cast demo




I had a email contact with the company that supports linutop , and they responded back after a couple of hours ( good customer support ) . Read the email contact …

> Hi ,
> I have a blog on wordpress and published an article about your product ” linutop
> ” . Can you please provide me with more technical details about your product .
> My target is to provide my visitors with correct / uptudate technical articles
> .
> Some details that I want to mention on my article are :
> 1) Can I boot another Linux distro (CentOs ) .
> 2)Is the operating system inside linutop or on a external USB .
> Kind regards ,
> Dimitrios ..
> ps my blog is : http://bit.ly/gfPXhy


Thank you for your article about Linutop.
1) Yes you can as long as you have the drivers,
this link can help you: http://www.linutop.com/wiki/index.php/Distro/Debian_etch_install_on_Linutop
2) Linutop OS is inside the linutop on a flash but can be duplicated on a bootable USB key and boot externally on it:
there is a menu for this: http://www.linutop.com/software/setup.en.html

The linutop OS can be tested with this live CD demo:

Should you require additional information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,
Frederic Baille (Paris)
+33970 444 290



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