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Adobe AIR Marketplace (free desktop applications) July 11, 2010

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Adobe® AIR™ Marketplace is a central resource that collects the broad and ever-growing array of available AIR applications. Whether you want to bring the web to your desktop with the latest AIR applications or publish your own applications to share with everyone, AIR Marketplace is the ultimate worldwide resource.

Here you will find about 1000 AIR applications

Download the latest version of Adobe AIR runtime engine here .

Just some desktop applications for the developer that I found interesting

  • ActionScript 3.0 API Diagram Viewer : uWith the excellent feature from Zoomify, and the nicely laid out AS 3.0 posters, you are able to zoom and navigate through the entire Flash and Adobe® AIR™ ActionScript 3.0 API.This is a simple but great tool to quickly reference the AS 3 API. You can pan around and zoom in and out with your mouse wheel.


  • Adobe Media Player: Welcome to the next generation of entertainment, delivered through Adobe Media Player software—a free, customizable, cross-platform desktop player that lets you control when and where you watch your downloaded or streamed media. Link
  • Pixus : The pixel ruler for Adobe AIR. A handy tool for web and interface designers. (Runs on Windows / Mac OS X)
    1) Measure the screen objects in pixels using both mouse and keyboard control.
    2) Preview your design with skins and presets.
    3) Quick guides for checking layout.
    4) Multi-screen support.
    5) Auto update.

Source code available at GoogleCode

  • Screen Scales :

    Screen Scales is a program that allows you to drag markers connected by a line that displays the distance between the two points. This program has more features than the average screen caliper program.

* Multiple measurement segments
* Measure diagonal distances (not just horizontal and vertical)
* Display delta measurements
* Display angle measurements
* Custom scale factor
* Change color for easier viewing
* Multiple monitor support (with 2880 pixel wide limitation)
* Accepts dynamic input


  • Shared Object Manager : This utility allows you to view or delete all or selected Flash player shared objects (flash cookies) that various websites creates to store information on users computer.

This utility allow you to view:

1. File Name
2. Native Path
3. Creation Date and time
4. Modification Date and time
5. Is Directory
6. Is Hidden

To delete shared object right click on particular entry and select delete option.


  • UrlDecoder : Decode and encode url query strings. View all name/value pairs in an easy to read list. Easily add and remove name/value pairs and encode the query string. Link
  • De MonsterDebugger : It is an open source (released under the GPL license) debugger for Adobe® Flash™, Flex™ and AIR™. Made using Flex™ and AIR™ and maintained by Dutch design studio De Monsters. With De MonsterDebugger you can explore your live application, adjust properties and run methods all at runtime. You can trace objects of any type to De MonsterDebugger and it will show the complete structure of that object in an easy-to-read tree structure. Link
  • PeeGee – the simple password generator : PeeGee generates an unlimited number of passwords at random. The structure of the passwords can be arbitrarily set through the settings. Several presets are used to assist in the generation of passwords for recurring tasks. The software never stores passwords at any time in any way. Link


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