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This is a very short tutorial how to set-up a email account on OUTLOOK EXPRESS

  1. Start Outlook Express, and on the Tools menu, click Accounts.
  2. Click Add, and then click Mail to open the Internet Connection Wizard.
  3. On the Your Name page of the wizard, type your name as you want it to appear to everyone who gets e-mail from you, and then click Next.
  4. On the Internet Explorer Address page, type your e-mail address, and then click Next.
  5. On the E-mail Server Names page, fill in:
    • The type of e-mail server you use: POP3
    • The name of the incoming e-mail server: mail.yourdomain.com
    • The name of the outgoing e-mail server: mail.yourdomain.com

    Please change “yourdomain” above to the name of your domain, without any spaces, so that it looks the same way as you type it in the browser when go to your http://WWW.E.g. if you type http://www.bitdesignstudio.com then the name of the domain is bitdesignstudio and the name of mail server is mail.bitdesignstudio.com. And than click Next.

  6. On the Internet Mail Logon page, type your e-mail in the account name field and password in the password field.
  7. Click Next, and then click Finish.
  8. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
  9. Switch to Mail tab
  10. Click the e-mail account, and then click Properties.
  11. Click the Servers tab, and then select “My server requires authentication”.
  12. Click “Settings” and then select “Use the same setting as my incoming mail server”.
  13. Click OK, then Apply.

Your e-mail account has been created.



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